is a trans-disciplinary research platform. Its aim is to explore the urban phenomena and to produce visions, strategies and projects on this primary and crucial topic.

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Digital Habitats Working Seminar 28.01.2019


Urban Social Dynamics Workshop 26-30.01.2019


EDAR and SwissUniversities PhD Seminar 13-14.12.2018


Digital Habitats Working Seminar 04.12.18


Healthy Habitats Working Seminar 07.11.2018

Digital Habitats Discussion 22-26.10.2018



4th Bernardo Secchi Working Seminar 25.09.2018



3th Bernardo Secchi Working Seminar 20.09.2017


HRC Call for Projects 15.03.18 


EDAR and SwissUniversities PhD Seminar 12-14.06.2017 


HRC Working Seminar 13.11.16


HRC Working Seminar 13.11.16