is a trans-disciplinary research platform. Its aim is to explore the urban phenomena and to produce visions, strategies and projects on this primary and crucial topic.
Allying basic research and research by design, HRC is a logical and fruitful development of EPFL mission, offering a unique aggregation of architects and urbanists, civil and environmental engineers, urban ecologists and social scientists. 

Vision and Added Value

— HABITAT aims to an international leading position addressing inter-pluri-transdisciplinarity as a core value; to promote both local and international initiatives; to identify places of innovation at the international level.
— HABITAT aims to position itself at the frontier of the urban phenomena assuming the future as a “research habit” to link Academia and Society and explores the ecological, technological and social transition in the urban space.


— HABITAT promotes a future oriented and interdisciplinary design approach as a crucial research tool in ENAC and EPFL culture.
— HABITAT bridges research, teaching and design
— HABITAT develops an original approach to explore the ecological, technological and social transition based on three working hypothesis:

– Inhabiting

– The City Territory as a Renewable Resource

– How to Live Together: A New Biopolitical Project

Research Tools

HABITAT makes use of various cognitive strategies, tools and methods to produce:

— Environmental and Social Analyses
— New Cartographies
— Visions and Scenarios
— Projects and Prototypes