ALICE Atelier de la conception de l’espace
Landscape, Urban Design, Architecture, Public Space, Mobility Space and Infrastructures, Embodied Space

CEAT  Urban and Regional Planning Community Urbanism, Urban Planning, Urban Management, Public Space, Slums, Global South

EcOS  Ecological Systems Laboratory
Spatial/temporal dynamics of natural ecosystems, ecosystem processes, ecological resilience and restoration

HERUS  Laboratory for Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems Human-Environment Relations, Urban Metabolism, Social-Network/Agent Analysis, Machine Learning

IMAC  Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory Sensing, Model Updating, Asset Management, Resilience, Design Strategies
LAB-U – Laboratory of Urbanism 

Urbanism, Landscape Urbanism, Urban Design

LASIG  Laboratory of Geographic Information Systems GIS, Spatial Decision Support, Digital Urban Models

LAST  Laboratory of Architecture and Sustainable Technologies Urban Design, Architectural Design, Urban Regeneration, Sustainable Neighbourhood and Architecture

LASUR – Urban Sociology Laboratory 
Sociology, Anthropology / Urbanism, Public Places, Global South Cities

LCC  Conservation and Construction Laboratory
Housing, Modern Architecture, Scandinavian Architecture

LIPID  Laboratory of Integrated Performance in Design Daylighting strategies, Building Performance Simulation, Comfort and health in buildings, Visual perception, Sustainability and energy-efficiency, Design support

MCS  Structural Maintenance and Safety Laboratory Novel engineering methods/technologies in structural engineering

SBER  Stream Biofilm and Ecosystem Research Laboratory Ecology, Ecosystem Science, Eco-Hydraulics, Microbial Ecology, Biogeochemistry

TSAM  Techniques et Sauvegarde De l’Architecture Moderne Conservation, restauration, réhabilitation, restructuration, réaffectation, extension, sauvegarde de l´architecture

DHLAB Digital Humanities Laboratory Data Visualisation, Computational approaches

DLAB Data Science Laboratory  machine learning,
computational social science,
data mining

LIDIAP laboratory of the Idiap Research Institute Social Computing, Machine Learning